Analysis Of The Copycat: Role Model? Mentor?

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You don’t have to agree, but at least hear the premise.

“Copycat …? Role Model …? Mentor …?”
Who guides you? Who do you admire? Even if you elect the true and living God, do you obey the Scriptures? Whoever you emulate, idolize, adore — your father, mother, another relative, friend, celebrity – what benefits do you or have you gained from them? Who guides you, and who you admire, is like being fitted for their shoes. If the shoes aren’t a proper fit, your entire body hurts. It affects your mind and everything about who you are and what you can become. Briefly consider my insight.

A copycat is someone who closely imitates or mimics another. Regardless of the behavior being productive or not, the copycat is an imitator and
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Otherwise, he will learn to use whatever tools (rage, anger, acting-out, etc.) available to him to protect himself and his love for mama. These negative tools can develop character that causes social problems.
Likewise, your daughters are young women of virtue. They are not on display for the world; neither do they need approvals from the world to confirm their beauty and worth. They are your beauty and pride, and worth! You love them and teach them to love themselves — God loves them!
They know how to conduct themselves because they have been touched by your elegance and fine virtues, and your courage to be their mother and not a “girlfriend.” A “girlfriend” will allow them to run loose and carefree, but a mother, by wisdom, will teach them in the ways they should go. You are not a mother of wicked counsel (2 Chronicles 22:2-3 HSCB).
Your children will know how to respond to men because you have shown them how to conduct themselves. You have learned that a male isn’t necessarily a good husband because he attracts you sexually. A male isn’t necessarily a good husband because he’s nice to your children. And, because he’s nice to your children does not mean he will be a good

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