Analysis Of The Crying Game

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Directed and written by Ireland’s most famous filmmaker Neil Jordan in 1992, The Crying Game is a psychological thriller drama that explores themes of nationality, sexuality, gender, and race against the backcloth of the Irish Troubles. It is a movie about sight, vision, perception, and self-transformation. The film features a volunteer for the Irish Republican Army who kidnaps a black British soldier (Jaye Davidson) with the help of other IRA members in order to have their fellow Irish comrades released. As the story progresses, one of the captors by the name of Fergus (Stephen Rea) befriends the British soldier. Fergus undergoes an inner struggle whether he should execute him or not. After all, he knows that there will come a time where he needs to execute the prisoner. In the end, he decides to let the prisoner go. A scene later, the British soldier is run over by a truck and dies. Fergus wants to repent for his crime and decideds to look after the soldier’s girlfriend. Since it is a movie about sight, vision, and perception, what puzzled me the most when I started researching this movie is the reason behind creating a wide range of different posters. They seem to provide a detailed glimpse into the film. The current DVD cover (fig. 1) presents Miranda Richardson playing Jude. She has the cut of what appears to be a kind of femme fatale figure, or even a gangster figure. What is interesting about this image is that it shows a woman with a smoking gun. When one blurs
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