Analysis Of The Culture Of Shut Up By John Lovett

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Are Americans taking full advantage of their freedom of speech? Renowned speech and screenwriter, Jon Lovett, examines the voices of society in his article, “The Culture of Shut Up”. He illustrates how society is full of pointless “noise”. So many people have opinions and remarks to make and many of them are ignorant and hard to peacefully tolerate. Everyone deserves to be heard, even people with “wrong” opinions. Americans need to learn how to combat bad ideas with a response rather than the people whom posses them. Lovett effectively helps his audience understand and trust his solution, to tune the ignorant rhetoric of society out. He then motivates readers to learn how to intelligently contribute to the national conversation.
The reason Lovett’s article is so convincing is due to his use of common, understandable language. He uses an extended analogy to logically make his point with the readers. The analogy took place in a village consisting of three green elders, and purple average villagers. The green elders were the only ones in the village with the
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He lays the foundation of his authority by making it known to his audience that he previously worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Promptly after this he makes a pass at Obama calling him “our first foreign born president,” (Lovett 29). Making a joke about the leader of the free world, Obama, establishes a cocky tone, another reason to make the audience believe that Lovett knows what he is talking about. By belittling those Americans who voice their “wrong” opinions, he makes it seem as if he is wiser and superior to them. Lovett proclaims, “that there are people who believe stupid, irrational, hateful things about other people,”(31). This tone of confidence, credibility, and authority makes it easy for readers to trust and be confident in his stance and
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