Analysis Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night

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One night Christopher John Francis Boone finds his neighbor, Ms. Shears ' dog, Wellington, lifeless, with a pitchfork in his stomach, outside her house. Throughout the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, Chris makes it his objective to find out who killed Wellington no matter what consequences he might face along the way. This murder mystery explains not only the complicated relationship with Chris and his father, but leaves the readers on the edge of their seat wondering how much his dad is keeping from him. The novel was analyzed with family dynamics and problems between Chris and his dad which can be explained when reading through a psychoanalytic lens. Many things reoccur in the novel but one aspect that…show more content…
The conflict that is shown most in the book is Christopher’s listening skills from the start of the book to the end. In the beginning, when Chris finds Wellington deceased, he acts as if he is a detective. He circles around the neighborhood asking anyone he can find. Annoyed, Chris’s dad tells him numerous times to stop investigating the murder. With the disapproval of his father, Chris continues to search for the murderer, determined to put this person away. During his investigation, Chris has the idle curiosity to ask his dad who he thinks killed Wellington. After telling him that he has no clue who would have done such a thing, Chris’s dad exploits his anger with Chris by saying( ), . His dad says this to him after getting into an argument about Christopher going to Ms. Shear’s house to ask her about Wellington. He is very short tempered with Chris and yells at him uncontrollably. Eventually Chris and his dad’s conflicts cause him to move out. Without saying a word, Chris gets on a train to London where his mother lives. When Chris gets there, his mom is absolutely shocked to see him. She questions why Chris is in London by himself. He responds by saying ( ). When Chris says this to his mother she could tell Chris and his father weren’t getting along at all and instantly smothers him with affection. Although it is the
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