Analysis Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a novel written by Mark Haddon talks about a boy named Christopher, who goes on a journey to discover numerous incidents that occurred in a short period of time. Simon Stephens directed this 21st -century novel as a play considering that it had a modern catch of central and governing issues with the characters that the audience can comprehend with. One of the characters that had both of these issues is the fifteen- year-old protagonist Christopher. He has Asperger's syndrome, which is defined as “a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social communication” (Google). On the contrary, his special needs played a symbolic issue considering that the audience could…show more content…
Throughout the play, Christopher lacks on his common sense considering that he speaks the truth at a point where it is personal. A scene that showed his common sense being inadequate was at the train station in Swindon. This was Christopher’s first time taking the train and he felt overwhelmed, so he told the policeman, his father’s credit card and pin number so he can withdraw money out of the ATM machine. The police thought it was necessary to calm him down by saying, “Shhhh, why don’t you and I take a stroll to the cash machine, eh?” (Stephens 47). The audience knew that his common sense was non-proficient in this scene considering that people ordinarily do not tell strangers about what is occurring in their lives, they may steal your belongings or point you in the wrong direction. Consequently, the police officer was trying to pull him off the train that he was on considering that they were able to contact Christopher’s father from all the information Christopher gave to them. Watching the production, the crew used a mixture of the flashing visuals on the grid and the loud sounds seem overwhelming which gave us a taste of how Christopher feels at the station. Another scene that shows his deficiency in common sense was when he was taking his A-level Math exam. Judy’s relationship with Roger is falling apart, his mother decided to travel back to Swindon so Christopher can endure his A-level Math exam, where Christopher was feeling exhausted during his exam period. In the play, he explains, “I can see the questions but I can’t read the questions because when I look at the words they all seem confused and mixed up and the wrong way for me” (Stephens 80). The proctor of the exam Reverend Peter explained that he cannot help for the reason that it is against the
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