Day Of The Dead Or Dia De Muertos Analysis

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The Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in Mexico on the 1st and 2nd of November. The celebration is a mix of Aztec customs and the Catholic customs of all saints day. This celebration is for the remembrance of the memory of dead relatives. It is used as a way to teach people not to fear death. It includes traditions of ofrendas, which is an altar of collection of objects and the offering of food . A symbol often seen with in this occasion is sugar skulls. Which is often used to decorate grave stones. The movie Coco introduces the storyline of Imelda Rivera, a mother whose husband abandoned her and their three year old daughter. Imelda develops a hatred toward anything revolving music and she starts a shoe making business to support herself. The story jumps ninety six years into the future, where it follows Imelda’s great-great grandson, twelve year old Miguel who lives with his family and Imelda’s daughter Coco. Through a series of events, Miguel family find out about his aspiration and forbid it and he steals a guitar from…show more content…
While an interconnected storyline occurs involving the deities La Muerte and Xibalba. Who have a wager on who Maria is going to end up with. There is character struggles seen when Manolo’s father who is a bullfighter and has always expected him to be one. Joaquin is an army hero who has an advantage of Manolo. Near the end, Maria and Manolo fall in love and through misinterpretations, Manolo ends up dying. Manolo wakes up in the land of the remembered which is now ruled by Xibalba because he won the wager. However, it is revealed that Xibalba has cheated multiple times and they create a new wager. Manolo ends up winning the new wager and gets to return to the living. While this is occuring their town is invaded the Chakal army. The movie ends with the defeat of the army and the marriage of Maria and

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