Analysis Of The Devil's Arithmetic

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Presently, there are hundreds of books made about the events of the Holocaust.
In the novel, The Devil’s Arithmetic, you can read that the author really puts elements of

the theme. The overall theme of this, is how to find light in the darkness. Meaning if you are in a position of darkness and hatred, you are able to look past that and think of prosperity and freedom. In the novel, a girl named Hannah (Chaya) shows us to not take for granted what the survivors of the Holocaust lost. In the book, Hannah is transported back in to time to WW2. Her “aunt” Gitl, was a very strong woman who took after
Hannah. During this time the war was at its highest, and Gitl was talking about the Jews situation in all of this, “We Jews like to joke about death because it’s what you laugh at and make familiar no longer frightens you.”(p82). When Gitl says this she laughs through it to release the pain of knowing that she might not come back alive. This is Gitl’s way of showing light in the dark, by humor. Another example of the theme is when Hannah realizes what the Devil’s Arithmetic really means, she understands what Gitl says and really embarks on it, “ And she knew that each day she remained alive, she remained alive. One plus one plus one. The Devil’s Arithmetic, Gitl called it.” (p135). What this means is that Hannah knows that she is alive and now knows how the “devil plays” with her mind. The manipulation has not tricked her and this is a point in which she can find light because her
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