Analysis Of The Devil's Arithmetic

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Over 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. They were shot, gassed, hung, and much more. The Jews died innocent and were killed just because they were Jews. It is important that people remember all of the Holocaust and not just some of it. The Devil’s Arithmetic written by Jane Yolen more aptly delivers the message of remembering than Donna Deitches version through the scene of boxcars, the conditions of the camp, and dehumanization.
The novel written by Jane Yolen more aptly delivers the message through the scene of the boxcars. For example, when explaining what the boxcar conditions were like the author states, “The boxcars traveled for four days and nights … Under the midday sun, it was like standing in an oven that smelled of human sweat and feces.” The film by Donna Dietch does not include the boxcar scene. The boxcars were packed so tight that there would be little oxygen on the boxcars which made the conditions worse. People need to remember the boxcars and the conditions that the Jews had to face on them. Donna Dietch may say that the boxcars were unnecessary and would take to much time in the movie. However, this is wrong because when the boxcar made its first stop the novel states, “That is when they discovered that three old women had died and a fourth was near dead.” The boxcars were a cause of death to many Jews in the holocaust. It is important that society remembers everyone who died in the Holocaust, not just in the concentration camps. Additionally, the
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