Analysis Of 'The Dew Breaker'

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The Dew Break by Edwidge Denticate
Published in 2004, “The Dew Breaker” has been termed one of the best novels written by a Haitian national. Although it is not a complete novel in a sense like other novels where narrative moves in a stream and events take place, yet its stories are well connected. There are seven long stories connected through a central character and common theme. Overall, this novel is a critique against any dictatorial regime where people are forced to go into exile.
Edwidge Denticate has highlighted the corrupt, severe, oppressive and barbaric situation of the common people and the life that were leading in Haiti. The characters depicted echo the estrangement and wants of human nature. Edwidge Denticate has described her characters in a manner to create an effect of defective hopes, aspirations and isolated expectations. The characters have fallen prey to a meshwork of endless desires. Not only they symbolize lost hopes, but also a limited horizon of human being. The author has created an impression of chaos prevalent in Haiti under the dictatorial regime. The characters are involved in an endless strive to expunge unpleasant memories. The author has made a point of explaining the deficiencies of human nature via her writing.
The role played by the leading character, Dew Breaker has been emphasized throughout the narration. He is depicted as an average Haitian immigrant residing in Brooklyn. He resides with his
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