Hollywoodism Film Analysis

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The documentary "Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies, and the American Dream", explains how a number of Jewish immigrants in the beginning of nineteen century built the most known six movie studios in Hollywood. Despite America 's open-door immigration policy for all immigrants, Jews, perhaps more than other minorities, encountered a new form a discrimination. The documakers say that they were viewed as outsiders and were blacklisted from working in certain fields such as finance, banking, and other higher education careers. Hence, they formed their own communities and their own version of real America, practicing their own religion, opening their own businesses in the garment industry and movie production. Because of the intense discrimination against Jews, especially those involved in the movie-theater industry in New York and Chicago, many of them moved to Hollywood, California building their own studios and working as screenwriters, directors, and producers. Yet, after the World War II, some U.S politicians accused Jews, particularly those in Hollywood industry for being pro-communism and affiliated with…show more content…
By watching this documentary, I depicted the following views. First, Jews, as new immigrants wanted to be fully integrated and assimilated and they did through their own movies by presenting to American people their own perception of American values and virtues. They portrayed American culture by creating dreams whilst they wanted to assimilate, integrate, and acceptance into the American mainstreams culture. Second, while it appeared that Jews immigrants had a particular sense of what a movie-goer liked to watch, they created their own movie productions to please the American popular culture. Overall, my response to this documentary movie is that the interest and involvement of Jews in the Hollywood movie industry is a complex topic that brings a lot of conflicting
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