Analysis Of The Door By Mioslav Holub

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Transformative discoveries can force individuals to alter their preconceived ideas about the world around them. The stimulation of new ideas allows a renewed perception of one’s values, understanding of themselves and the world around them. This is successfully utilised through, Miroslav Holub’s poem “The Door”, Shaun Tan’s picture book “The Red Tree” and Ang Lee’s Film “Life of Pi”. These three texts exemplify the struggles that lead to discovery which shapes the protagonist’s perception of their values, the world, and their surroundings. Transformative discoveries can occur through an individual’s curiosity and wonder of new worlds and values, offering a new understanding of themselves and their world. The poem “The Door” by Holub encourages the audience to approach the idea of discovery to enable themselves to overcome the obstacles they face by creating a strong emotional connection with the audience. “The Door” is an extended metaphor throughout the poem which is symbolic to new opportunities that individuals need to act on to expand their horizons. Contrastingly, the door may be seen as a barrier to individuals of what restricts them to explore. The repetition of “Go open the door” as an opening line of each stanza creates an imperative tone and conveys a sense of necessity to the reader to explore the possibilities behind “the door”. This therefore significantly encompasses the audience to be curious and wonder about what will come. Positive possibilities of
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