Analysis Of The Essay 'The Sociology Of Leopard Man'

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In the essay, “The sociology of Leopard man”, by Logan Feys, he argues that individuality can be affected by the pressures that society puts on people. I agree with Feys opinion on this subject. I agree with Feys because many people are being looked down upon for being different and not meet a certain standard set by society. He expresses this in paragraph 4, “society looks down upon freakish and extraordinary individuals alike and views them with suspicion. Ordinary people fear what they do not understand.” (paragraph 4). Regular and ordinary people, fear people who don’t try and fit into society. If you don’t fit in, then you are ridiculed as an individual by everyone else. Another reason I agree with Feys is because many people are put under so much pressure to conform and be like everyone else. They in turn sometimes lose who they are, or who they want to be and are left unsure. People are put under so much stress to just be a normal and ordinary person under the standards of society, that they develop mental health issues. Feys in his essay says “Why do so many millions of ‘normal’ people suffer from alcoholism, eating disorders, panic attack, depression, and other debilitating conditions? Could it be that the desire to ‘fit in’ has lead to these self-inflicted…show more content…
A personal experience i had, is as a child in middle school i was put under so much pressure to be the same as my peers. Even though I wasn’t the same, or didn’t fit into their category. Yet I tried hard to be and always worried about what people would say. Later in High school i developed a Panic Attack disorder from the stress of middle school. I was forced to try and be someone i wasn’t that I didn’t know who i wanted to be, or who i really
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