Analysis Of The Face On The Milk Carton

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The Face on the Milk Carton is a book about a girl finding out she was taken from a mall when she was three years old. The book was written by Caroline B. Cooney. This book is about a girl named Janie trying to figure out why she is on the back of the milk carton. When children would go missing their faces would appear on the back of the milk carton. Janie thought this was strange because she had loving parents and didn’t feel kidnapped. She asked herself how could anyone love you after they have kidnapped you. The main characters in the book are Janie Johnson and Reeve shields. Reeve is Janie’s next door neighbor who she tells everything to. Janie goes through hard situations in the book and Reeve helps her get through them. In the beginning of the book they rake leaves together and…show more content…
Janie thought to herself that the little girl on the milk carton looks like herself. She remembers the white dress that’s on the girl and that she looks exactly like the girl on the carton. She tried telling her friends and none of her friends believed her. So Janie cut the back of the milk carton off and kept the 1-800 number. She kept the number so she could call and ask questions about the little girl missing. Janie even wanted to show her parents the milk carton and asked them what it was about. Ever since that day at school when Janie saw herself on the milk carton she can’t seem to forget about it. She has flashbacks to times she was in the dress that the little girl on the milk carton was wearing. Janie and Reeve went to the Ice cream and this made Janie have a flashback. In her flash back, she saw twin baby boys and a woman. The little boys were crying and Janie was asking the woman for ice cream. The woman told Janie no because she was dealing with the twins and Janie left to the ice cream shop. This all happened when Janie turned three years
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