Analysis Of The Faerie Queene

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The Faerie Queene is the longest poem that consists of six individual mini epics. Edmund Spenser had many things that have happened to him in his life. There was his family and education. He was born twelve years before Skapekspeare and Marlowe. In his education, he went to the Merchant Taylors School then went to Cambridge for his bachelors degree. This occurred from B.A. 1573, M.A.1576. In his career he was a minor civil servant and a poet. Being a minor civil servant he was a personal secretary to men of power and influence. His minor colonial government posts in Ireland. He was awarded the lavish castle and 3000 acres of land in Munster, later burned to the ground in a rebel uprising. His other career was being a poet. Spenser shows a variety of major, different patterns. There are different metric games he plays in his plays and he shows all these different patterns. This shows how good he was as a stylist. He was the greatest poet and the greatest teacher of all time. He was a prolific and daring experimenter in metrical and stazaic patterns. His major works were The Shepheards Calendar which was an adventurous pastoral employing 14 different metrical schemes. Another one was The Faerie Queene. He also was patronized by Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth. As well he sought "the kingdom of out own language" which was set out to become the great English poet of his age and then succeeded. Spenser was measured out to the greatest poets of all time. Spenser wanted to
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