Analysis Of The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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The human body is physiologically made up of primarily three qualities. People paint each one in their own way; The conscious mind holds its walls up towards reality and rational occurances, while behind that layer is the unconscious mind that pushes the boundaries of our reality --perhaps even supernatural beings -- and both of these are tied to the soul: the purity and core existence for homosapians. Thus, this idea gets expanded on--even crosses the line--during the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe. During the story, the narrator goes to visit his ill friend Roderick Usher in his home and while there, he experiences rather bizarre situations that is merely brushed away until the very arch at the end of the story. This story brings along the imagination, and those qualities of the conscious…show more content…
Rationality held the narrator like a bubble above the unanswering, confusing, empty pit of the House of Usher. However, through the whole story it was deteriorating quickly; sending him closer and closer to the questions left unanswered. The final hole in his bubble was a true sense of reality, his final logical breath consisted of, “It was no wonder that his condition terrified—that it infected me. I felt creeping upon me, by slow yet certain degrees, the wild influences of his own fantastic yet impressive superstitions“ (324). However irrational the thought seems, the truth that lays behind admitting to the visions in front of the author was much more to him than the ignorance that couldn’t be ignored. The barriers had been crumbling the moment his eyes laid upon the House of Usher, and the solitude of the first unconscious step the narrator has made is when Usher’s sister, who was supposed to be dead, appears in the door on a stormy night. She shows herself to her brother, but the narrators eyes have gone through his bubble, and from that point the last resolve the narrator had
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