Analysis Of The Falling Man By Tom Junod

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The Falling Man

"The Falling Man" is a documentary by Tom Junod based on and around a picture of a man who was interpreted as to be falling down to his death during the 9/11 crisis in an accepting and peaceful manner. The publication of the photo was initially controversial and caused mayhem as people scorned and directed the publication of that photo as being “disturbing". as a way to help with the disturbing content of the photo, most of the general public inferred that the man seemed to be falling to his death in a tranquil manner, embracing what was happening. The cause of that judgment was based on the falling mans body position that seemed to be in a state of serenity in that single captured moment. There was also a great interest in …show more content…

He discovered that the photo was chosen in a biased manner by the publisher in order to help cushion the pain from the tragedy: the people that chose to fall from the twin towers had made it their choice to die; they were not victimized into death. Although this did help the recovery of the public, that was not the genuine state the falling man was in. The photos found of that man falling seconds before and after the published picture depicted the man flipping uncontrollably and in extreme horror. His state and emotions of the fall to his death portrayed from those unpublished photos contrasted the general publics interpretations. This was evident that the public indeed misinterpreted and that the single capture of an event can not give enough evidence to assume the conclusions of the whole event. As for the search of the falling mans identity, it was initially concluded from the research of Peter Cheney that the falling mans identity was Norberto Hernandez due to the matching details in the published photo that reflected details of himself. However, after the chef of Windows of the World Michal Lomanaco saw the pictures taken by richard drew of supposedly Norberto Hernandez, he concluded the identity of the falling man was not Norberto Hernandez and was …show more content…

The newspaper readers were angered by the picture as it was a reminder of the 9/11 disaster alongside the 3,000 victims. Furthermore, many believed that the picture was taken in poor taste and was unpatriotic; not illustrating the American perseverance, determination and resilience compared to the pictures of the firefighters/policemen on the scene post-disaster. Another issue with The Falling Man is the intrusion upon families and friends, in order to get information about the jumper, while they were mourning for their loved ones. The journalists asked a mourning family, recently after the disaster, whether their father was the jumper and a work group whether the jumper was one of their co-workers; these intrusions weren’t taken lightly as all the family/friends wanted to do was mourn for the one they’ve lost and they saw this exercise as unnecessary and offensive. Furthermore, the concept of people jumping off the WTC and committing suicide went against the religious majority of the USA: Christians. In Christianity, it’s believed that if one commits suicide then they’re automatically damned to Hell and many Americans couldn’t accept this and which is why many found The Falling Man and it’s inferences to be offensive and

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