Analysis Of The Film 'Amélie'

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Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amélie is a French film released in 2001. The story follows Amélie Poulain, an odd and introverted young woman. With little purpose to her life, she finds simple pleasures in the small things as well as working at the local café. This is until the night of the thirty first of August nineteen ninety seven, when her life changes dramatically. This essay will look at the film techniques of narration, setting and special effects including how the director applies them into Amélie, and how these influence the film, creating it into a modern fairy tale. The director uses the technique of narration to help create the film Amélie into a modern fairy tale. At the very beginning of movie the narrator presents each of the characters – describing their likes, dislikes and quirks. To a viewer this gives an insight that normally wouldn’t be possible, allowing to see who they are but it also sets the mood and setting for the remainder of the story. In conjunction with that, it demonstrates a surreal element to the film (with surrealism also being a typical quality that fairy tales have) because there is no narrator in real life which makes it feel more like a fairy tale. Amélie is set out in the form of a recount which is strengthened by the fact that fairy tales are usually set in the past or being told as an experience that has already happened. Jean-Pierre Jeunet uses this film technique to help convey the message that this film is meant to parallel a

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