Analysis Of The Film Apocalypse Now

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The film Apocalypse Now tells the story of a group of soldiers who go on a mission to assassinate a rogue United States colonel who has established a colony in North Vietnam. The director of the film is Francis Coppola, who is known for his role in producing Jeepers Creepers and for his role in directing the film series of The Godfather. Coppola was “one of his era 's most impassioned talents” and “most erratic; in both his career and his personal life”. Perhaps his biggest success of his career; however, came from Apocalypse Now. The film he directed received eight Academy Awards nominations, won Oscars, and despite reviews was a huge success. Francis Coppola had an illustrious career full of successes and failures. The leading actors in the film were Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, and Robert Duvall. Martin Sheen took the lead role in the film, playing the role of Captain Willard, assigned to assassinate another lead character in the film, Colonel Kurtz. Sheen received the praise as being “the father of a modern dynasty of actors”. Sheen has received praise resulting in several awards, including winning a Golden Globe award. Marlon Brando, another lead actor in the film, playing Colonel Kurtz, is a well-known successful actor as well. He starred in the film The Godfather, and well as Last Tango in Paris. Hailed as being, “imply one of the most celebrated and influential screen and stage actors of the postwar era,” which shows how truly great he is on the screen.

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