Analysis Of The Film Awakenings

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The movie “Awakenings” was based on a true life story written by Oliver Sacks, MD. The movie’s screenplay was written by Steve Zaillian, and directed by Penny Marshall. Awakenings was been out in cinemas in the year 1991. It is about the Encephalitis epidemic that spread in the summer of 1920s. Oliver Sacks is a neurologist fictionally portrayed as Malcolm Sayer by the actor Robin Williams. Dr. Sacks was the one who discovered the drug L-DOPA, in the year 1969, as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Sacks administered this drug to catatonic patients in the mid 1920s. The movie was lead by the actors, Robin Williams and Robert De Niro as Leonard Lowe, the patient whom he experimented the drug with. Other characters included Julie Kavner, and Penelope Ann Miller as the main actors’ leading ladies. The movie was worth watching because of the moral you’ll learn as well as for medical students to have an idea or overview about the said disease as well as for the viewers to know the true meaning of life and the importance of family and love. Awakenings is categorized as a drama film, with a twist of comedy and slight romance with some of the scenes of Williams, Kavner, Miller, and De Niro’s that showed how it is to be in love. Awakenings’ opening scene showed how the boy named Leonard Lowe as a friendly and a smart kid until he realizes that something’s wrong with his body and seemed that his hands are shaky. The scene was followed by the entrance of Robin Williams as a doctor,

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