Analysis Of The Film Beautiful Mind

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According to Gillian Fournier, norms are socially formed rules on values, beliefs, attitudes, and actions (2010, n.p.). Norms predict the acceptable behavior in certain cultural or social group. Although these rules are not laws, members of a community may punish the one who violates these rules by shaming, ignoring or animadversion. This concept is widely applied to various psychological issues since people have always been interested in the relation between typical and unusual. Hence, this idea got a reflection in popular media. For instance, in literature or cinematography the main character is often compared with his or her surrounding to define the norm. Moreover, the other issue is whether meeting the requirements of society is more productive than being yourself. One of the most significant representations of cinematic art which touches upon this issue is the movie Beautiful Mind.
The movie goes about the life of famous mathematician John Nash. Although being genius, John suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which is a subtype of mental disease which causes delusion and hallucinations of different modalities (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, 87). In hallucinations, Nash imagines to have a friend and to be an American spy who searches secret codes in periodical publications. He sacrifices his scientific activity in favor of imaginary secret work for the US government. When his madness reaches its peak, he receives professional help and gets support from his
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