Capitalism A Love Story Analysis

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The movie, Capitalism: A Love Story is a must-see movie, written, directed by and starring Michael Moore. This is an American documentary film which was widely release to the public in the United States and Canada on October 2, 2009. It is a well- presented and quite interesting movie which had a content of both humor and outrage. Also the director has organized each detail of the film in a good manner which is entertaining. This movie by Moore talks about Capitalism and its effect on the economy as well as to American society. Moore features the recent economic crisis, interviews with several Catholic priests about their insights on capitalism and also includes corporate- owned life insurance, poverty- level wages of many workers, Wall Street’s…show more content…
While capitalism is seen as an evil, it must not be seen as an evil but rather the love for capitalism is the thing that must be eliminated for it is the true evil. It is just that capitalism was merely used by the few as an instrument for their own goodness at the expense of the many which is not for the goodness of all. What we see in the movie is the outcome of having an affair with capitalism which led to a worst impact to the people affected. Capitalism: A Love story is documentary film which scrutinizes the effects of capitalism in the lives of Americans, and features different portraits of scenarios which criticizes capitalism as an evil system that consist of giving and taking but mostly taking. It started with viral videos of bank robberies then moves to the Roman Empire and the beginning of greed. Moore with his friend Wallace Shawn discusses the meaning of capitalism as a system of free enterprise which Moore described that everyone had loved it. As a turning point, the movie shows the speech of President Jimmy Carter saying “Human identity was no longer defined by what one does, but by one does own”. This was merely a warning but no one had listened. It also depicts videos of

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