Analysis Of The Film Delicatessen

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This is the author account of the film Delicatessen. This is a post-apocalyptic film set in France. Meat and food is very scarce in this dark period for the world as we know it. There is everything in this film from from murder, sex, cannibalism to people living under the ground the Troglodytes. And that's not even the best part of the film. That has to be taking by the character Aurore who hears voices in her head. 1.1 Methodology The author was giving the film Delicatessen and told to deconstruct the film and give the author's opinion on this weird film. The author watched the film a few times and read reviews online to learned about the director and main actors and actress that starred in Delicatessen. 2.1 Food is Currency There is no money in this post-apocalyptic film so meat, corn, lentils and even sex is used to pay for food. The people are using the barter system to trade by exchange of commodities rather than uses of money. Food was more important than money and meat was the top commodity you could exchange for anything in today's world it would be up there with gold. The kube brothers exchanged 2 bags of corn for nine…show more content…
She tries everything to kill herself with no joy. How can someone try this much to kill themselves and fail to kill herself. But she kept some humor in the film even if it was making light of suicide. Howard Vernon who plays the frogman lives in sewer of an apartment the apartment is full of water and frogs and snails. He is wearing lizard goggles with a party whistle trying to catch flies. Chick Ortega who plays the sex starved postman has anger issues and wants to kill people with his gun. Postman tells Clapton that he wants his daughter. Clapton makes it clear she only needs him. Postman tried to rape Julie. Only Louison saved her from this
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