Analysis Of The Film Enjoy Poverty

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Enjoy III, also known as ‘Enjoy Poverty’, is the 90 minute film of Renzo Martens’ activities in Congo. Armed with a camera, a neon sign, and a compelling premise-that poverty is Africa’s primary resources-the Dutch artist Renzo Martens spent three years traveling throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The film ‘Enjoy Poverty’ is a very complex and a difficult film to watch which focuses on one of their major exports of Congo which is ‘poverty’ according to the artist. This provocative and controversial film raises questions about media coverage of poverty and what the poor get in return. Martens critically investigate how poverty is represented and exploited as an industry. The film gives an overview of the relationship between the viewer and the person being viewed, the relationship of power and dominance. It is a performance in which the artist has symbolically tried to give his audience the taste of reality, through the dual roles he had played in the film. Renzo Martens was born in 1973 in Netherlands. He studied art from Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and later on he studied political science at the Radboud University Nijmegen and the Vrije University of Brussels. He was an artist in residence in 2010 at ISCP (The international curatorial and studies program) in New York. The film ‘Enjoy Poverty’ is his well-known creation, the artist has been working on a series of films. Before enjoy poverty episode III Martens has composed episode one in which he

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