Stereotypes In The Film Girl's Trip

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The film Girl’s Trip has been applauded for being a celebration of blackness in the primarily white film industry. The majority of the cast and the writers for Girl’s Trip are people of color. The film was much more successful than its “white counterpart” Rough Night in box office revenue and reviews. However, most of the black characters in Girl’s Trip shift through various controlling images throughout the movie. The reason these stereotypes are less obvious than they are in some other films is because each characters portrays multiple stereotypes and different times throughout the film. This creates more dynamic, relatable characters but these characters still have not escaped the common controlling images for black women and men. Dina is the most stereotyped character in this movie. Of all the characters in Girl’s Trip…show more content…
Her financial issues are the dominating factor in her narrative as a character. From the beginning of the film her website “Sasha’s Secrets” is disrespected and her career is viewed as a sham. One of the first scenes Sasha is in depicts her financial issues by showing her overdue bills, her client about to fire her for lack of web performance, and her car being repossessed. However, she is still wearing designer clothes, has the newest technology, and has a very nice apartment. This creates the narrative that not only is she incompetent at her job, but she is also unskilled in handling her personal finances and financial planning. Throughout the weekend she is grasping for a story that she can make money off of. When the photos of Ryan’s husband cheating get leaked Sasha is immediately blamed because the Flossy Posse knows she is broke and would need the money from the story. During the argument about who leaked the photos Sasha starts to inhibit the stereotype of the angry black woman. Throughout this argument she lashes out at everyone in the group which creates the Flossy Posse break up
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