Analysis Of Honor Thy Father By Erik Matti

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The film “Honor Thy Father” is an independent film by Erik Matti released in year 2015. The protagonist, Edgar, was played by John Lloyd Cruz. He took on the role of a husband and a father whose wife was accused of stealing money. Amidst the madness that ensued, his family was left beat and broke. They were then set on the verge of death and desperation when they were threatened by one of the families that were affected by their alleged thievery. With his wife and daughter held at gunpoint, Edgar had to find a way to pay off his debt in order to save his family. By the end, he went to go on a heist to steal from the Bishop himself. In an unfortunate series of events, he and his crew failed to acquire the money that Edgar needed. In a last attempt to wave off his enemy and save his wife, he shot and killed them both. The film ended with Edgar’s wife dying to injuries she incurred from her kidnappers.…show more content…
It is praised by the youth of society for being a source of reality in its truest form, presented in audio visual form. Sported by independent film producers, their output films are lower budgeted compared to larger film projects and companies. Due to this, independent films vary a lot in cinematography, after-effects, post editing, props, and human resources. With the increasing demand for more complex and creative plotlines and stories, indie films innovated and focused on the topics that people can relate to. By portraying the realities of life, viewers can become more invested and engaged into the
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