Analysis Of The Film Letters From Iwo Jima

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Clint Eastwood’s 2006 film, Letters From Iwo Jima starring Kazunari Ninomiya is about a young soldier named Saigo who is forced to serve in the Imperial Army in attempts to defend the island, Iwo Jima, from Americans. The movie Letters From Iwo Jima is an example of historical fiction with both fictional and historical aspects of the movie. The film is set in the time of World War II in 1944 when Iwo Jima is the last Japanese Island not captured by Americans. Even though the story of Saigo is fabricated, the events of the battle depicted by the movie are historically accurate. While many of the film’s characters were fictitious, the weapons, battle, and events are straight from history. The film Letters From Iwo Jima is more History than Hollywood. Undoubtedly, the historical accuracy of the movie was shown when the Japanese soldiers had no choice when it came to serving in the army. The fictitious character of Saigo, the main hero of this film, is a young man who is just beginning to start a life for himself. He has a wife, who is expecting his child, and owns a bakery. However, his life changed when the military ran his bakery out of business and called him to war. He promises his wife and unborn daughter that he will return home to them, though he is almost positive that he won’t survive. In actuality, “all men aged 15-60 were subject to be enlisted in the military if they were needed. Japanese education stressed duty to their homeland, so many were happy to serve their
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