Patriotism Film Analysis

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We are constantly reminded of the “true meaning” of patriotism, but do any of us know what it really means? America’s founders, the men and women that sacrificed their lives for our future and freedom, the men and women that gave us a reason to be patriotic would think we have lost our ways if they saw us today. It is time to refresh today’s Americans memory. Patriotism is not love for the mere scenery in your country. Patriotism is not trusting your leaders blindly. It is not showing up to vote. Patriotism is an ideology of which each individual has a unique perspective. Patriotism is the idea of attachment to one’s homeland. It encompasses a variety of notions relating to one’s political, ethnic, or cultural aspects. The film “Patriotism”…show more content…
I say this because the cast influences the way the audience perceives the purpose and any intended messages throughout the film. Because the film targets a young audience, and presents an idea linked to the country and government, it can be showcased at home and in schools. As a result, it is important parents, teachers, school districts, and the government are comfortable with the content viewed by children. Immediately, the title “Patriotism” provokes ideas like responsibility, honesty, leadership, union, and more. Therefore, it is crucial the cast is qualified to portray the powerful message of patriotism. In the film “Patriotism” Bob Crane is casted as the narrator. Bob crane was the star of a popular sitcom called Hogan 's Heroes. He seemed like the ideal leading man handsome, charismatic, and likeable. His daughter recalls Bob to be an “…absolute typical family man at home,". She also adds, “I just have wonderful memories of my dad and my years growing up.” (Connelly). Bob Crane’s cohost, Robert Clary, says, “Bob was a very charming man… He was easy to get along with…” (Connelly). Consequently, Bob may seem like the perfect person to play the narrator of a film teaching kids about patriotism, but is he really? Many secrets lied beneath Bob Crane’s smooth and slick exterior. Bob Crane was deemed a sex addict before the term was known. Crane was a married man who seduced
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