Analysis Of The Film Reel Injun

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The film, Reel Injun reveals a distortion of the way Hollywood sees Native American life through comedy and the real way Native Americans live which changes according to the current times. Neil Diamond sets out on a journey across America to figure out where the incorrect image of Natives arose from, all signs pointing towards Hollywood. Dozens of films recreate the way Americans believe Natives live as savages and wear costumes and decorated headpieces with feathers, but Hollywood does not show the true spiritual side and the meaning of why they live the way they do as true to their own culture and assimilated to the American culture as well. US history negatively affects Native American live which lead to the image of Natives to be clouded by imagination through film, changed the way Natives viewed themselves and expect to live, and misshaped the view we now have for Natives. Over the course of the film, clips of many western movies play which show parts of Native Americans shown as the enemies of the Americans. The biggest perpetrator of the image upon Natives is Hollywood, which sought out to develop a characteristic on Native Americans. It obviously worked because all of America believes the films show the true character of the Natives. Hollywood’s job was to entertain so they created films that showed the braveness of these savage Natives and eventually moved onto silent films and caricatures to add more entertainment to the industry. They depict the Natives as
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