Analysis Of The Film 'The Dirty Dozen'

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The Dirty Dozen The Dirty Dozen is a historical fiction film, released in 1967. It won an Oscar for Best Effects, Sound Effects. The film also received three Oscar nominations and one Golden Globe nomination. The Dirty Dozen was directed by Robert Aldrich. Robert Aldrich started his film career in 1941 as a production clerk at RKO pictures, he worked his way up and in the mid 1950’s created his own production company. His most renowned films are Kiss me deadly, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, and The Longest Yard (1974). Among the stars in The Dirty Dozen were Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. Lee Marvin was born February 19, 1924. He was named in honor of Robert E. Lee who was his first cousin, four times removed. At the age of 18 he left…show more content…
The men consist of murderers, thieves, rapists, etc. Their task is parachute to Nazi occupied France and blow up a chateau, hopefully killing high ranked Nazi’s. The men accept the offer in a hope to be granted patrons, all the men have little to no respect for Major Reisman. But throughout their training each of the men begin to gain some amount of respect for the major. Major Reisman starts to see the good in the men, he looked past their records and sees that they all have good in them. Stands up for his men to two superior officers. To prove the Dirty Dozen are capable to accomplish the mission they are put into a war like scenario, where they capture an entire staff of men. The officers deem “The Dirty Dozen” permission to carry out the mission. After parachuting down the men make their way to the chateau, through various attacks and ambushes. All goes as planned until one of the men turns on the Dirty Dozen. Shooting everywhere, before doing too much damage the man is shot down. However the Nazi’s hear the gun shots and evacuate to the bomb shelters. The men manage to lock the shelters, locking all the Nazi’s in them. The men then go on and blow up the shelters. Even though the Dirty Dozen were victorious, it came at a cost, only three of the twelve made it out alive. The three who survived were granted a patron and those who died in the attack were listed as soldiers who died honorably in the…show more content…
Meaning it was very possible he actually wore sunglasses on this occasion. In another scene the officers are smoking cigarettes, they use a match to light the cigarette, matches were invented in 1805 so it is highly likely the officers used matches to light their cigarettes. When Major Reisman snuck into the Nazi house the date on the sheet read June 5, 1944. The date is one day before Normandy, which is when this event is said to take place in the film. When the women are being transported to the Dirty Dozen’s camp, I notice that the headlights on the transport truck are LED. Since LED lights were invented in 1962, there is no possible way the lights could have been
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