Analysis Of The Film 'The Sleeping Princess'

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Voltron: Defenders of the Universe has served as a role model in the history of animation, and a cornerstone in the childhoods of many. Episodes like “The Sleeping Princess” encompass the progressive (for its time) nature of the show and make it clear why Netflix chose to approve its remake, Voltron: Legendary Defenders. “The Sleeping Princess”,first aired in 1984, begins within the dream of the main antagonist, Prince Lotor of the Galra. He dreams about one of the key protagonists: Princess Allura of Altea, and the pronounced love of his life. Due to the genocide of her people at the hands of the Galra, Allura has made herself their sworn enemy and uses the mechatronic warrior Voltron to aid her efforts in defeating the Galra empire. In his dream Lotor watches Princess Allura be forcefully withheld from him. He emerges from his room the next morning, still mildly upset by his dream, to find his father Emperor Zarkon has arranged a marriage between him and an alien princess in hopes of forming an alliance with her people. Lotor promptly refuses the proposal, saying he will only marry Allura. After some hastling, Zarkon reluctantly agrees to Lotor’s wishes, but on the condition he has only one more chance to try and capture Princess Allura. Haggar, Lotor’s witch compatriote, proposes a plan to capture the princess on the grounds that once Lotor is married and in power, that he will give Haggar control over a portion of the empire. Voltron: Defenders of the Universe defined

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