Analysis Of The Film The Waterboy

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The goofy comedy film, The Waterboy, introduces a story about Bobby Boucher, who is played by one of the most well-known New Hampshire actors, Adam Sandler. This film was directed by Frank Coraci, in 1998, and distributed by Touchstone Pictures. This film depicts a person with a disability conveying lifestyles, tropes, and a message that may be questionable. Bobby is a young man who has dedicated his life to being the world’s best water boy a football team can have. He has a high pitched voice, is white and skinny. He was raised in a swampy location in Louisiana, and hasn’t witnessed much of the world because he is closely sheltered by his mother. His mother is played by Kathy Bates, and is well known for calling everything she does not want Bobby to get involved with the devil. Throughout Bobby Boucher’s life, he had been bullied and made fun of. The bullies in the film are known as football players who were white and ripped at the beginning of the film. In the end, it leads to Bobby discovering his hidden talent.
His talent is that he’s incredibly good at tackling. When Bobby tackles someone he imagines that it is somebody else’s face on his opponent. The faces are of the people who have been a bully to him throughout life. He first finds his hidden talent when he is testing the PH of the water. He was checking the water for the Mud Dogs football team. Bobby gets mad when the football team runs a mean play that intentionally causes them to knock him and his water down.
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