Why Is V For Vendetta Inhumane?

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The film 'V for Vendetta ' composed by Alan Moore is based on a man who disguises himself with a mask and goes by the name 'V '. He is placed into a testing camp called Larkhill. At this testing camp, the doctors were testing hormone research on the humans because it was useless to do on rabbits and rats (Moore 80). These people that were placed into the camp were gays, lesbians, blacks, and anyone who was involved with the socialist group. This fictional narrative is a substantial superhero film that highlights the unbroken Conservative authority, the possibility of inhumane imprisonments for people with AIDs and a legislature that had expressed a want to annihilate homosexuality. Most importantly, this two-hour film talks about what is happening in today 's society; a nation of people who let their liberties slip away for too long, before finally coming to the realization that they have none left. 'V ' has the perfect voice and the ideal villain for today 's society because he is not just a good person fighting a bad guy. Yes, the Leader and the officials like Prothero & Bishop have all committed appalling violations and crimes but V does not target people, instead, he targets evil. He focuses on the shrewdness, the lethargy, and the…show more content…
V teaches individuals that they should not let fear defeat them and they stand up for their rights, voice their opinions whenever they feel the need to and make changes in today 's society. Everybody is a part of progress, from a youngster to a high-class government official. If people do not stand up for themselves and family and do not confront the government, it is a possibility that the country would end up having a repressive government like in V for
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