Analysis Of The Fly By Katherine Mansfield

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In the short story "The fly," by Katherine Mansfield, portrays two men having a conversation on an afternoon in the character "The boss" office. The conversation comes with small talk and nice gesture of whiskey added into the mix. The character "Mr. Woodfield" begins to discuss the boss 's son 's grave of nicely decorated it was. Mansfield illustrates on the idea that the boss is grieves harshly over the death of his son. People express their grief in many ways, some people hide their grief while others may show it vividly. The boss is the type of individual that keeps it to himself an does not want to speak to others about because he feels he will never get over it, but little does he know is that he is recovering from his son 's perception of grief in a very positive way. The decoration of the office is the first positive sign that the boss is going strong over his son 's death. Mr. Woodfield notices the offices new features that the boss has added to the office criteria. The boss begins to explain new additions, "he pointed to the bright red carpet with a pattern of large white rings. "New furniture," and he nodded towards the massive bookcase and the table with legs like twisted treacle. "Electric heating!" He waved almost exultantly towards the five transparent, pearly sausages glowing so softly in the tilted copper pan." Even though these may just seem as new additions, but this illustrates the boss making these changes to accommodate his likings to the office to make
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