Analysis Of The Giver By Lois Lowry: Summary

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Love, fear, anger, happiness, and sadness are all emotions that make our life interesting and complete. But imagine for a second a world without love, anger, or even pain, what kind of world would this be? In the book, The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, you plunge into a utopian society that has no feelings or pain, and is overwhelmed with sameness, and the main character, Jonas, disembarks on a quest to fix his oh-so-perfect community. Throughout the book, Jonas progresses as a dynamic character, and grows to see things through a new perspective with the help of The Giver. As the receiver, Jonas gains wisdom, strength, and maturity, and undergoes many changes as the plot develops. Before Jonas was ever the receiver, never in his wildest dreams would he ever even think about lying, let alone lie to the ones closest to him. When it occurs to Jonas that as the receiver he is allowed to lie, he takes advantage of this capability. In this community you are obliged to share your dreams from the previous night every morning, but one morning Jonas decides not …show more content…

But the knowledge and memories he gains from The Giver don’t just change Jonas, they help him grow and mature into a smarter and wiser person. Jonas came to realize that his community is in need of proper memories and emotions, and if it wasn’t for The Giver, Jonas would have never saved his community in the end of the novel. Jonas knew that to be a perfect community, people would have to learn from their memories, everyone would need see their world through color, everyone would need to make choices in life, and everyone would need emotions and feelings to fully enjoy life. In the end, being the receiver impacted Jonas and changed him, but if Jonas was never the receiver, his entire community would be in ruins, and the memories would have never opened up his eyes to see the potential future for everyone around

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