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In the article The God Lugus in Spain by Tovar, the writer widely discusses the evidence of the god Lugus in the Celtic world. It is discovered from the evidence that there are some similarities between how Lugus was portrayed in each of the Celtic dialects. However for the most part, he was portrayed differently in each Celtic dialect. For example, with the way his name was spelt and spoken and from the folklore tales. Throughout the text, Tovar gives evidence through inscriptions of the god Lugus from a variety of sources. In this essay I will be drawing up a synopsis of the critical article in titled The God Lugus in Spain written by Antonio Tovar. Tovar opens his work with two contradictory ideas on Celtic dialect in relation to ‘nations…show more content…
L(icinius) Vrcico Collegio Sutorum. The author states that this inscription of Lugus has been commented on frequently and is widely known. According to Tovar, dedications to Lugus were made by guilds of shoemakers but there was a representation from the guilds that would make the offering on behalf. Tovar goes on to discuss the cult of the Roman Mercurius (P 7). He comes to believe that this cult does not show up in the ways that the cult does in Gaul. Tovar then discusses personal names of the god Lugus with some being found for Celtiberia. For example, Luguadicus who is the father of an Uxamensis from Segovia is mentioned. This name according to Tovar is the most interesting of all the names for Lugus as it recalls the name of Irish Luguaida (P 7). Tovar states that a substantial amount can be said about Lugus or Lugh in Ireland. For example, Tovar discusses a druid known as Lugbran who Vendryes refers to. Lugbran’s name derives from the two divinities known as Lugh and bran. A plural form of the name was found on the inscriptions of Spain and France as Lugoves. Tovar states that comparisons were made between the shoemaker characters Gwydyon and LIeu of the Welsh tale Mabinogi (P

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