The Great Gatsby Film Review Essay

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Baz Luhrmann directed another classic novel called, ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Which has been categorized as the genre; drama/ romance. There are four lead actors, they’re; Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby), Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway), Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) and Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan). The film, ‘The Great Gatsby,’ was released to Australia on the 30th of May, 2013. The overall impression on the film as a general reaction would have to be associated with one emotion which is shock. Shock as the plot twist is remarkably executed from Luhrmann’s directory and Nick as the narrator of the film.
Nick Carraway a Midwest citizen soon to arrives in New York at the era of 1922 in journey of the Great American dream. Nick, soon to become a writer, becomes acquaintance with a new house next door to a party throwing millionaire; Jay Gatsby who is one to always be mysterious to most of his guests. Directly on the other side of the bay from his cousin Daisy and her womanizing husband Tom. Nick begins to get introduced into the world or riches and fortune being attracted to this world of wealth, but being a part of the “new rich,” he becomes first witness to their speculation of love and deception in life. He’s a witness to the new rich and the poor in which he lives. This speculation of love and deception in the life of the rich is yet too scar Nick for life, writing his scars in a journal to support him through this hard and difficult time.
The action displayed in this film is engaging towards the audience as it leaves the audience in some portrayal of
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A girl like Daisy who loves the riches of being wealthy brought her to meet Gatsby at the start, yet Gatsby held parties inviting everyone. When he died these “guests” or friends didn’t show, nor did the women he loved. Showing that money can only buy people so much but not the basics needs a human being craves. This message was effective in the
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