Analysis Of The Handmaid's Tale

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The handmaid 's tale is a dystopian fiction novel written by Margaret Atwood in 1984. It is a bestselling book and was an instant classic. The plot behind the book is a terrifying one, women no longer have rights and are forced by the controlling government to become essentially baby makers and nothing else. Margaret Atwood borrows heavily from biblical texts to demonstrate societies and people being controlled by religion.

Margaret Atwood has scattered so many biblical references throughout her novel. The most obvious one is from genesis 30:1-3, “give me children or else I die.” This quote perfectly explains what the handmaid 's role is. They were forced into being a vessel for babies. They were stripped of their real names and their privilege to read. They were told that all this was for the greater good of society. The handmaid 's were told that their sacrifice is a noble thing.

Gilead is a theocracy, it is a government where church and state are combined. This is the most effective form of control. The oppressing government of Gilead combines their message of power with that of god. This is a tactic that is very effective upon controlling communities. Most people don’t like being controlled by their government. Yet when those same people are told they are being controlled for the greater good of society, their thoughts and opinions are somehow changed. When this is all backed by the illusion of god people seem to follow blindly. The idea of god 's plan makes people
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