Analysis Of The Hero's Journey Archetype

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Do you know what the Hero’s Journey is? The Hero’s Journey Archetype is a pattern found in stories that shows what a hero does. It was found by Joseph Campbell. It appears in Greek myths from a long time ago to the movie Finding Nemo 2003, and to the book The Hunger Games by Collins. The Hero’s Journey appears in many stories and has three stages with several steps. The Departure is when the hero leaves the known world to go to the unknown. In the movie, Finding Nemo 2003 the hero, Marlin does the step Call to Adventure when his son gets taken by divers. This shows Call to Adventure because Marlin is forced to go on an adventure to find his son. Marlin next goes through Refusal of the Call when he needs to go to the open ocean. This shows…show more content…
In the Greek myth, “Perseus and Medusa” the hero, Perseus goes through the Road of Trials which includes the graeae and traveling through Hades. These events are in paragraph 5 and 6. This shows Road of Trials because they are both challenges Perseus goes through to kill Medusa. The Ultimate Boon is when Perseus beheads Medusa in paragraph 7. This is the Ultimate Boon because the goal of the hero is to kill Medusa which will help his mother. The Unconditional Love in this myth is when Perseus kills Polydectes. This is Unconditional love because Perseus goes through many things to help save his mother from the king. This is all in the last paragraph’s last sentence where it says that Perseus had helped his mother. Perseus shows that he is a hero from completing the stage Initiation. When Initiation is finished the hero gets to the return. The Return is when the hero gets back to the known world. In the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen does Rescue From Without when she and Peeta are about to eat the poisonous berries just before they are announced winners. This shows Rescue from Without because she is rescued from getting poisoned and dying just before the end of the games. When Katniss and Peeta return to District 12 the Capitol is still a problem. This shows Crossing the Return Threshold because the hero needs to use their wisdom to help others from the
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