A Hero With A Thousand Faces Analysis

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ROME , CARTHAGE AND THE HUMANITY GOALS Have you ever thought , what might be the relationship, between the GSDG and the two myths of Romulus and Remus and Dido of Carthage? Well In this composition, you will find it , so stay tuned and keep reading.

The Hero’s Journey , are several basic stages , that almost every hero-quest goes through. The Hero’s Journey, are the steps , that an American scholar , Joseph Campbell discovered , after writing his book ( The Hero with a Thousand Faces).
The Hero’s Journey , can help us understand better the myths, because they show us each stage of the story , how the story evolves, and what
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The two goals from our course that I selected are goal 5 ( Gender Equality ) and goal 9 ( Industry, innovation, and innovative forms). Goal 5 talks about , achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls to have the same rights as men and boys. Goal 9 talks about building resilient ( strong ) infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster or rare innovation. In Rome and Carthage we can relate the GSDG , to the goals 9 and 5. In Rome gender equality was not present and must have been achieved, because for example girls could not rule kingdoms or have kids since they were girl priests. In Rome gender equality , was one of the most important equalities that were not achieved. Girls , were also instructed by men and were property of men , as if they were objects. Meanwhile in Carthage there was gender equalities , because for example Dido was a girl and she still was the ruler of her kingdom, also she achieved a wealthy and correct society. In Carthage we can evidence that women had most of the same opportunities as men. And finally industries, innovation and infrastructures were present in Rome , since they had Coliseums, hair salons , houses , horse stables and temples. In Rome they also used tools for building and materials such as wood and stone. On the other hand Carthage was a bit more advanced in infrastructures , technics and industry’s , since they had an innovative port , apartments, an irrigation system, they used wood but mostly stone for constructing and the methods, Carthaginians used to break through the lime stone were very rare since they only used water , and wood. Carthage was also considered a wealthy and beautiful city due to its constructions and
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