Analysis Of The Hobbit Chapter 20: The Mysterious Footprint

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The Hobbit Chapter 20 [The Mysterious Footprint] It had past one month and Bilbo got his things back from the auction that Bilbo was presumed dead and was cozy in his comfortable bed. His day were normal like it used to be, but one thing is he is lonely all by himself. Before the adventure, Bilbo was peaceful and was organized, but as soon as he came back from the adventure he was like the dwarves. He is not the Bilbo that used to be all organized. His house is now all messy. Can you imagine a dinky hobbit being messy? It will be weird! While Bilbo is lonely in his house, Gandalf was on the way to visit Bilbo, but on his way he saw a half-naked Gollum. The Gollum was keep talking in a annoying voice. Gandalf went closer and heard him saying “Where is that hobbitt!! My preciousss! He isss nearr, I willl killl himm!” Gandalf was suspicious and followed him, but the Gollum was fast and Gandalf is an old wizard so he couldn’t follow. Gandalf tried to use him magic to warn Bilbo, but he forgot that his magic had gone weird since the adventure. The magic warned the dwarves instead of Bilbo. Gandalf couldn’t do anything to help Bilbo. All he could is to try his best to go to Bilbo’s house. When Gandalf arrived at Bilbo’s small house, he saw everything all messy! There was some mysterious creatures’ footprint. Gandalf knew the footprint was the Gollum’s and follow it. Suddenly the mysterious footprint mark had stopped. Where the footprint had stopped was

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