Baudelaire: Summary

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The setting takes place in a Hotel where Baudelaire orphans are disguised as concierge to keep their identities. The Hotel is at a tilt and everything is backwards on the outside and is reflected off a pond to reverse the effect. On the inside it is organized by the Dewey Decimal System. The pond is also a key factor in the story because many secrets about the hotel lie at the bottom.

Violet Baudelaire is the oldest of the three and is very observe and inventive person. Klaus Baudelaire is the middle child is very smart, has good book skills. Sunny Baudelaire is the youngest and doesn 't talk very well but she makes some major impacts in the story. Kit Snicket is a volunteer is present in the beginning, is very smart and pregnant women. Frank
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If this is true then the book you are reading now is the perfect thing to drop into a pond. The ripples will spread across the surface of the pond and the world will change for the better, with one less Dreadful story for people to read and one more secret hidden at the bottom of a pond, where most people never think of looking. The miserable tale of the Baudelaire orphans will be safe in the ponds murky depths.” The ball players themselves even sat in the back of a taxi driven by a mysterious woman they barely knew anything about, “ they would have been happy to jump into a pond themselves” they had no idea what story lied ahead of them. They were driving through where they once lived. They drove past a place where they once stayed under the care of Esme` Squalor. The Orphans looked in the mirror and saw that they were being followed. The woman…show more content…
She turned the car real hard and spun off the rode into some shrubs, so that she would lose their followers. The driver introduced herself as Kit Snicket. We have an important brunch to go to, to discuss the matters of a imposter. Kit layed out a blanket on the ground and placed a feast out for them to eat. Kit was a pregnant woman who was very kind because she was a volunteer. Kit said that someone was possessing as her brother to steal the sugar bowl. Klause stared at the the pond and thought about how real the hotel reflecting of the water. You three must go undercover and investigate. As what said Violet we are the three most known orphans in the city they will call the authorities. I have a friend on the inside who is also a volunteer his name is Frank but his brother Ernest will try and stop you. Kit pointed to a tree and said your disguises are over there, you will act as concierges and be on the lookout for villains when you are ready throw something in the pond to signal Frank that you are coming. Kit began to cry and talked about how the three had grown and about how much they reminded her a there parents. Kit gave hugs and was on her way to help others. Violet through the rock in the pond and walked
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