Analysis Of The Housesitter

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Housesitter Review One of the things that can charm any heart is to watch a creative work that can make the cupids begin to fly in the right direction. The Housesitter is a romantic comedy that tries to accomplish so much through the use of guile and a few unethical moves. It may appeal to those who are in awe about anything that can give them a hearty cheer but what about the young minds? I know some may argue that there is a place for Parental Guidance but it does not hit the right mark when it comes to family entertainment. The cast in the movie such as Steve Martin who played the role of Newton Davis and Dana Delaney that acts as Becky may be A-listers but more is needed to hit the right chord. The premise of this movie which was shot in 1992 is built on a romantic relationship that went south right from the onset. Newton Davis proposed to Becky but she rejects his marriage proposal which is strapped with certain strings. He tries to put his life together by abandoning the house he built for Becky which got him into so much debt. Newton goes to a restaurant and meets a charming waitress named Gwen (played by Goldie Hawn) who he presumes does not understand English. As they begin to share time with each other, certain twists emerge that prompts Gwen to pretend to be Newton’s new bride. The various events ultimately lead to a relationship that is meant to elicit laughter but may bring about groans depending on your values. I have a little check about the concept used in
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