Analysis Of The Husband's Secret By Liane Moriarty

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The book ‘The Husband's Secret’ by Liane Moriarty was published in 2013. It is a story set in Australia, of three women - Tess, Cecilia and Rachel. The book talks about how their lives are connected in a way they would have never imagined when one of them finds a letter by her husband which is to be opened at his death. The book starts with three stories, one for each woman, and gradually intersects in the middle of the book. The author has linked each and every character, and has brought them out to the readers. Each character has developed beautifully. It is excellently written based on the story of the Pandora’s Jar and has many twists and turns. Cleverly using fairly short and snappy chapters, often with a cliff hanger end sentence, leaves the readers eager to know what would happen…show more content…
While this is happening, Rachel is driving home, her thoughts clouded by distractions around her, such as that of Connor holding a kite. On seeing him, she lifts her foot off the accelerator and her car starts moving faster in his direction. However, instead of hitting Connor, she drives over little Polly on her bicycle. Polly survives the accident but needs to have her arm amputated. Rachel is shattered at what she has done and confesses that she was trying to kill Connor, whom she thinks has killed Janie. Cecilia tells Rachel it was not Connor but her husband who murdered her. John Paul confesses to Rachel but Rachel says that she will not press charges which would take John Paul away from his daughters, since Polly needs her family's support during the injury she is facing. Cecilia feels that what has happened to Polly has punished John Paul for what he did. Will goes to see Tess and she decides to give their marriage one more chance. She tells him that they have a few months, until Christmas, to try to make things
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