Analysis Of The Indian Removal Act And The Trail Of Tears

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During Jackson’s presidency the American settlers disobeyed the law and went onto the Indians land. This then made the Natives and the U.S. Government have a hostile relationship. This hostile tension led to the Indian Removal Act. So, the act was passed and it led to the journey of the Trail of Tears. The many sources and perspectives regarding the Indian Removal act and the Trail of Tears help the readers understand the whole story of the event because you get the good and bad side of the removal.

The video clip shows that it was Jackson’s fault that the Indians suffered on the trail of tears because he made the Indians leave their homes.In the video clip, Robert Warrior says “Jackson was somebody who wanted to just forge ahead and say it’s an either-or. Either people join us in the United States in our way of life and abandon their own way of life, or they get out of the way.”The quote says that Jackson only went two ways. He wanted people to join the U.S and change how they live their life to how the U.S does. If they don’t do that they should get out of the way of the United States. This shows that Jackson did not give the Indians a choice whether they got to keep their land, or stay where they are living. Furthermore, this showed how poorly Jackson treated the Indians back then. Additionally, Robert Warrior is showing that Jackson didn’t care about what anyone else thought or wanted. He just wanted to stick with what he thought, and did not consider how the Indians

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