The Invisible Man Hg Wells Analysis

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“…it is killing we must do…”, said the invisible man to a former professor (H.G. Wells). The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is about the struggles of a man named Griffin, who turned himself invisible. Griffin starts off in the town of Iping where he mysteriously shows up at an inn and rents a room for several nights. During his stay the people that meet him are very perplexed by his bandages and his disrespect towards people. Eventually, the people of Iping find out that he’s actually an invisible man. Once the word spreads throughout the town, Griffin decided that he needed to rob the place he was staying at and leave. After escaping the angry people of Iping, Griffin meets another homeless man named Mr. Thomas Marvel, and Griffin thinks he can use Mr. Marvel to his advantage for his plan. Once Griffin and Marvel reach the next town, Marvel betrays Griffin. Griffin tries to retrieve his scientific notebooks that Marvel has been holding onto but almost get shot in the process. Griffin soon makes it to a mansion house that belongs to Dr. Kemp, one of Griffin’s old professors back at University College. In this essay I’ll be talking about how Dr. Kemp shows distrust towards Griffin without him fully realizing it. I’ll be discussing why Kemp doesn’t want to help Griffin with…show more content…
His plans have changed throughout his journey which has not impeded his goal until he met Dr. Kemp. Griffin thought that Dr. Kemp was someone that he could trust. However, Dr. Kemp didn’t agree with Griffin’s scientific mind which has become psychopathic, unjust, and immoral. Griffin offers Dr. Kemp to join in on his plan for power and murder, but Dr. Kemp did not agree with Griffins ways. Griffin’s life eventually came to an abrupt end. What would have happened if Dr. Kemp would have accepted Griffin’s offer? Would the outcome be that much
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