Jackal Strikes Vs Jackals

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A great man once said to me "there only three kinds of animals in the forest, jackals, sheep, and wolves. It's your choice question that will determine how you do in this industry." Despite the irony of the fact neither sheep nor jackals live in the forest, that man would never evaluate his inferiors by anything more intently than this response. He believed it was only the jackal who deserved notice for it was willing to slaughter and yet from time to time remain inferior to its predator's for its own protection. His name was Nikki "The Jackal" Strikes and he was a lot of things to a lot of people. To his enemies and most often his competitors and roadies and hookers he was the sneakiest most underhanded son-of-a-bitch the world has ever…show more content…
Well, it's not unexpected to worship the ground the man who recorded some of the most commercially successful albums of the last thirty years if you get unlimited access to his $950,000,000 fortune of Rock and Roll blood money. To his fans... He was Nikki Strikes the hard rocking front man to the most successful band on Earth, Fürst who had sold out concerts on every continent other than Antarctica including a show in Moscow during which he sang a duet with Gorbachev on a version of the soviet national anthem. The man who had a harum of gropies and broke the bounds of every musical tradition in Rock. To me he was a mentor and a boss and more aptly the devil risen on earth. He was a tyrannt in the band and perhap on of the most sadistic front men since David Lee Roth. Until I found "the Jackal" himself and his favorite 15 year old runaway rodie dead in his studio office after a debauch romp and one last snort of a kilo of cocaine he had been given by Mick Jagger in 1981, to keep him from releasing Fürst's best selling album the same week as Tatoo You. That's what began the rise of one of Rock's greatest…show more content…
Then again thats pretty normal of the people in our industry. People see rock bands as artists and icon, To some fans we are gods among the realm of men, we are glorified as celebrities for our talents but at the core of our souls we are ruthless social animals. I am not in fact I am just a small time basist who answered "The Jackal's question" right. I was a little garage band bass virtuoso who happened to go to high school with the son of rocks most interesting superstar. Mike was Strikes' kid and he was nothing like his sociopathic and ingenius father, however he was smart enough to see talent and help his old man find a cheap touring basist about five years ago. Mike was interestless when it came to learning music in fact there was little other than computers that interested the boy however he was able to get his old rockstar father to put down his groupies and come see a high school talent
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