Analysis Of The Judgement Of Thamus

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Neil Postman, an author of “the Judgement of Thamus,” addresses the profound truth, we in our age are confronted with, as well as the belief that information equals knowledge and knowledge equal wisdom. In addition, Thamus mentions the deficiencies to memory writing. He makes inaccurate judgements stating that writing would only be a burden to society. However, he doesn’t understand that there are indeed many benefits of writing to society. Postman argues throughout his work that technologies have strengths and weaknesses. He states that every new technology in our society replaces another. Postman also discusses the technology of writing. Text messaging is the new technology that has replaced writing. Messaging through smartphones has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Text messaging allows people to send messages to anyone in the world quick and simple, but it 's only temporary. In other words, sending a text can be effortlessly erased. Postman believes that new technology such as text messaging is a blessing and a burden, meaning that there are many advantages as well as disadvantages. Furthermore, he also believes that every new technology will replace the old. In other words, new technology such as messaging on cellular devices has replaced writing letters to people as a way to communicate. Postman addresses that writing is both a blessing and a burden. Basically, there are positive and negative effects of new technology. Communicating with other people
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