Analysis Of The Karate Kid

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Reading Respond The Karate Kid tells a story that a young boy named Daniel moved from New Jersey to California, where he faced a series of unexpected incidences, he got bully from a karate boy Johnny because Daniel dated with his former girl friend. Under the disappointing circumstance, Daniel meet an older Japanese named Miyagi, who rescued him from the hands of the karate boys and trained him to defeat them through karate. In fact, everyone needs a good teacher like Miyagi, not only to teach student lessons, but also truly cares about what they think and what they need. School teachers should bear more responsibility to teach student not only on academic level, but also on mind. As Miyagi said in the movie, “There is no bad student, only bad teacher. Teachers say, students do”. The movie has described two kinds of teacher, Miyagi and Kreese, who are respectively the coaches of Daniel and Johnny, but they did have enormous differences. In the first scene of Kreese, he was teaching his students not to have mercy to their opponents, while Miyagi told Daniel that karate is not for fighting and win or lose doesn’t matter. Under this situation, it is easy to understand why Daniel differentiate a lot with Johnny, originally because they receive different education from different kinds of teachers. This remind me of my former teachers in China. In China, there is an only one standard to judge a teacher responsible or not, that how many score his students can get during the
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