Laramie Project Play Analysis

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Final Essay ACL
The Laramie Project and Hillbilly Elegy both focus on major real life issues that are good to be exposed to. Laramie Project is a play that starts very slow, giving a lot of details in the start that are not very intriguing. The story focuses a lot on character descriptions while introducing new characters at the same time. Some of the characters didn’t even have major parts but some ended up making sense.The story would have been better off getting straight to the point of the gay shooting. Later on in the story, the character descriptions started to make more sense. The play kicks it up a notch and begins to show some real value. It took a major turn diving into some of the major real life issues that still exist today.
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Not only does the book contain a lot of value it exposes students to a major controversy. It should be noted that the opinions within the story are more liberally focused. Even though this is so, it is a very good tool to teach students about gay rights not matter your political affiliation. It is very important for students to be exposed to the issues earlier so they don’t have to run into them in the future. The story adds reassurance to the world. The opinions in the story usually encourage or support gay rights. Most of the people in the story focus on giving reason why the shooting should have never happened. Some said, “Mathew bothered the shooters.” Others said the shooters were in the wrong. This also can be seen as a learning experience. It helps the communities to try to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. In all, Laramie Project should be used as a tool of exposure for students in grades seven through twelve. The story opens up the reader to the world, exposing them to a controversy they will definitely face in gay…show more content…
I think this unit was great and in all honesty should have been longer. We covered so many important topics that should be discussed with High School students to prepare them for the future. I think it helped me open up more to things that I didn’t really know about beforehand. The discussions that we had in class were also another very helpful tool that we should have had more of during the unit. I definitely had some preferences on the books that we read this semester. An example of this is Laramie Project, I didn’t like the start of the book at all and then once it got going I ended up enjoying it a little bit more. Usually classes in high school involve skills that wont be used later in life but this class helped develop skills I will use. I saw this as a set up class for real life situations. It prepares you to be informed in a controversy like gay rights or learning about communities you didn’t know about
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