Analysis Of The Last Line In The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone

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Analysis of the Last Line In “The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone”

In his first novella, “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone”, the writer, Tennessee Williams, has portrayed the life of a woman who loses her beauty and goes through menopause and comes to the realization that her success as an actress had more to do with her beauty and single minded tenacity to be "The King on Top of the Mountain", rather than natural talent. She gives up on her career as an actress and goes into a form of exile by travelling to Europe with her husband, who unfortunately passes away two months later. She goes through an existentialist soul searching journey. She analyses and lives her life in a detached way and feels that she is mindlessly drifting on the ocean of life without any actual purpose. She moves to the three thousand year old City of Rome where she gets in touch with an elderly impoverished Countess (whom she and her husband had met on an earlier trip to Italy before the war) who introduces her to a series of marchetta 's (good looking young gigolos who live of the patronage rich protectors) culminating in Paolo , whom she falls in love with and in spite of her pride lands us up letting him debase her . Hence, Mrs. Stone is trying to find meaning in her life, as well as searching for an identity of her own.

The word “Drift” is very ambiguous in this novel. As a noun it would mean to be gradually moved from one place to another. Hence, the state of a “Drift” can be called as a state of
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